January 27, 2011


So, blogger is at it again. I can't upload pictures saved on my computer (sad face). I have loads of pics to share with you. If anyone knows how to disable the "Google Cloud Picker" pop-up that comes up instead of the upload feature, please please let me know!

Anywho, the picture above (from weheartit) looks pretty much like my street did yesterday afternoon. Now, I need you to use your photoshop-like mind and add about 7 more inches of snow and just one lane of road (covered in ice).

These last few snow days have been pretty magical in our little bungalow. I have been a cooking machine (warm breakfast, eggplant parm, chili, cornbread, b.l.t's, etc.), the hub and I have been cleaning every inch of our house, and I have been crocheting a granny square blanket to use up some extra yarn I've had lying around. It's bright and colorful and the perfect blanket to drape across our plain white couch to get in the mood for spring! Things have been so calm, full of glasses of wine, movies on Netflix, and yarn, that I'm secretly hoping for a snow day #3. I know a lot of the side streets and back rounds are still one lane and covered with ice/snow/slush. Believe it or not, our area is expecting another 1-2 inches of snow tomorrow morning. While 1-2 inches of snow is NOTHING to fret about, it may do the trick on our already slick roads to give us a 5 day weekend! If you think about it, turn your pajamas inside out for me and do a little wiggle (= snow dance).

I'm going to go warm up some leftovers and work on my blanket a little more :)


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  1. My back is starting to hurt from all this shoveling. Here in my hometown its been snowing like crazy! I think we just got hit by the third snowstorm this week!

    I am glad your enjoying the snow days. Sounds very relaxing. :D

    Stay warm!