December 10, 2010

Great Gift Crochet [FREE] Patterns!

Loved what you saw on the Perfect Crocheted Gifts post? Well I'm back with more!

Here's a little something for the coffee/tea drinker in your life (plus a box of tea & new mug = perfect present)!

You would definitely need to start this now, but this table runner is so perfect for Mom or an aunt or maybe even Grandma!


This cute laptop sleeve that would be oh-so-easy to personalize!

The perfect gift for a gal like me who can never keep her jewelry organized!

Image of Solid Shell Crochet Jewelry Frame

Oh man... I have so many presents to make and so little time to crochet!

Back to the present factory...

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Learn to Crochet Giveaway before Sunday!
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  1. Oh my goodness! I've just found you and am in love ;) I've been keeping my crocheting ability as a dirty secret (my husband seems to loathe all things crochet) I love the coffee mug warmers - I'm constantly getting distracted and then returning to stone cold coffee. And I love the table runner (good if you could actually see my table ;) be proud!

  2. that table runner is really (I mean REALLY) amazing! :D


  3. I know precisely what you mean by having so many gifts to crochet and there being so little time! I, too, am a school teacher and was so grateful to have a snow day this week so I could catch up on all my holiday crafting.
    It was lovely happening upon your blog today. I will be back again soon! You crochet so beautifully!