December 17, 2010



I've been reflecting a lot on 2010 recently. It seems like my mind always starts counting back through the months and memories start to flood my mind whenever I get a few quiet moments.

2010 has really only gotten sweeter with time. With the loss of my grandmother at the beginning of the year, I was faced with the realization that she would not be attending my wedding or sharing in any future events with me. It took me a long time to come to peace with this, but eventually I found a way to honor her on a daily basis--by crocheting. Crocheting has been extremely cathardic for me as it has really looped together my entire year. I am so happy to have a business up and running and I look forward to improving and expanding it throughout the next year. I really think my grandmother would be proud of me spreading the love of this needle art since she loved it so much as well.

I feel like 2010 has been a really important year for Cory and I as well. Our relationship has really grown and strengthened in the last few months. It took us a while to transition from "Dating & Living Together" to "Married" and I think we're in a really great place. We try to keep a respectful balance of alone time with quality time throughout the work week and weekends. We have been making a lot of compromises when it comes to our patience with each other and it feels really balanced and fair. All in all, fI am really really happy and lucky to have man in my life who is so full of life.

All in all, 2010 has treated me well. I hope to make some changes to improve my quality of life and health in 2011 (more on that later) and continue to work on the important relationships and day-to-day aspects of my life.

How do you feel about 2010?

I'm still thinking about a set of goals for 2011.
I'm thinking 11 goals sounds fair?
Wanna make 11 goals with me?

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  1. Yes, I do want to make 11 goals with you. It feels like any time I don't have a set of goals, I fall out of the day to day and get really behind on the things I want to accomplish.