November 14, 2010

Oh me, oh my.


Yesterday evening I got all dolled up to meet up with some pretty ladies for Meghan's bachelorette party. Meghan, Cory's sister, and I are very close in age and get along really well, so I was excited to spend an evening in her honor. Meghan and Sam are getting married New Years Eve and we are so excited for them! In fact, we are excited for the day in numerous ways, because Cory is officiating the wedding! That's right, a few weeks ago he received his license to officiate weddings. Unbelievable...but it's what Meghan wanted! Anywho, last night we went for delicious sushi and then out for drinks and dancing. All in all, it was a really fun evening. Cory ended up meeting up with us towards the end, just to spice it up, and he did a great job hanging out with just the girls. By the end of the night, I was in a good place and happy to have had an evening to unwind.

This morning, however, I did not wake up feeling gross due to anything alcohol related, I woke up feeling gross because I had a full blown cold! Boo! Cory, who is also suffering from the sniffles, has been spending most of the day on the couch with me trying to combat whatever grossness is infiltrating our systems. My body is becoming increasinly achy, so I'm worried this could be a precurser to the flu. I hope not. Too much to do!

Alas, while I sit back and say horrible things in an effort to scare this cold away, I will be bringing really great blog posts to you! Can we say: awesome holiday DIYs, cozy/yummy recipies, great gift ideas, and a few crochet patterns? I think we can!

Check back later tonight for the first... I'm going to head back to my couch and take a little more Dayquil.

In love and tissues,

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