November 2, 2010

My Welcome Mat

Here's a warm welcome to all my new vistors from the various blogs that I am sponsoring in November!

Donna's Decembers focuses on daily blog posts with inspiration, DIY projects, random thoughts, and sometimes, if I'm lucky, focused thoughts! Don't forget to click that little follow button on the left side so you can catch up with us every day for the latest musings!

Let's see... you can check out Donna's at:

Miss. Elsie was just featured in the November/December of BUST magazine and is involved in a huge project with Levi's right now... so it seemed like the perfect time to hop on to her blog :)

This cute lady, Leigh-Ann has done some amazing designing for me in the past, and I wanted to pay credit where it was due. Hop on over for a daily dose of happy :)

I wanted to support this hip So-Cal girl for many better go check her out!

Here's your challenge for the day... find a picture, a blog, or an article online that is particularly inspiring to you today. Post the link in the comments! This way we'll ALL be inspired :)

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