November 3, 2010

Cement Jungle Makes You Feel Brand New

Cory and I had so much fun in NYC visiting Lisa this past weekend. It was exactly what we needed: a little fresh air, a little sunshine, a little shopping, and a lot of time together.

We caught the Bolt Bus in Baltimore and got into the city (later than expected) around 8. We hailed a cab and went straight to Lisa's apartment on the upper east side to drop off our luggage, freshen up, and head to Fetch for a delicious dinner. We had a few drinks and caught up with each other before heading back to Lisa's place to hang out and watch a little "Will and Grace" before heading to bed.

Saturday morning rolled around and of course, Cory and I woke up before Lisa and Kristen. We headed to a bakery on Lisa's block to pick up breakfast and had these delicious ham and cheese danishes. They were so light and flaky, I salavate just thinking about them!

We headed out to Union Square to do a little shopping and catch some rays. It was a beautiful day, so I had my Nikon in tow. We caught a little farmer's market action and this kind gentleman caught my eye. He allowed me to stand on the lift at the bottom of his truck. Without me knowing, he began to raise it up so I could see over the crowd. It was very sweet of him, considering it was NYC and I am a total stranger :).

Lisa and I got a few pictures together...although I cannot figure out why they are so grainy.. weird. Then Lisa spotted this awesome table that a NY farm was hosting where you just had to jot down your email to get a free caramel apple. Yum!

Lisa had to meet up with a group from one of her master's classes, so Cory and I got a few hours to ourselves to grab a little lunch and do a little Christmas shopping in the neighborhood.

We snuck in a little time to watch the "Rally to Restore Sanity" with Jon Stewart and Stephen Cobert that we were missing in D.C..

We also found time to squeeze in a quick trip to Lion Brand Yarn's boutique on 15th street... here's a little peak (more tomorrow)!

After we shopped till we dropped, we headed back uptown and changed for a delicious Mexican dinner at Taco Taco. Delicious. It was a lovely Saturday in the city. Exactly what I needed. I'll post more pics from Lion Brand tonight :)


Happy Wednesday!

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