October 23, 2010

A New Day


I hope this Saturday is treating you well so far. I woke up in such a great frame of mind. Some days you wake up, and no matter how hard you try, you just can't find that happy place. You know? I had a really hard, no-good, kind of day at work yesterday, but spent the evening with Cory and put it all behind me. I think I have finally found my frame of mind when it comes to my role at work.

I understand my role as an educator, but I furvently believe that my role as an educator is actually different than my role as a teacher this semester. It has been such a hard concept to swallow as I truly love working with teenagers. I love motivating them to feel like they have potential (when they may not have any other cheerleaders in their life). I love being able to think back and analyze their growth. But what I do not love is disrespect, pressure, and the constant pull to be more "engaging and exciting" when really, I am a pretty "engaging and exciting" person in general. It's not like I lecture.

I will go to work and work my hardest. I will teach and do what I am required to teach and do with my students, and at the end of the day, if they get it, they get it, if they don't, they don't. I have never been in this place before where I have had to have such a definitive perception of my role in the classroom, but I truly believe for my mental sanity and the wellbeing of my relationships, I need to focus on this perspective. (I appreciate if your educational philosophy disagrees with this. I have never been in this place before. I have an interesting selection of students this semester and it's for the best of everyone involved that I keep this frame of mind.)

I have decided that I need to spend my evenings with myself and my creative energy. This means that I will have to work very hard during the day to multi-task and be thorough with everything that I do. The end result will be me feeling much happier and balanced because I will be utilizing all my strengths.

And that is where you come in. Blogging has been such a theraputic way of engaging in an arts and crafts community that I love so very much. This is where I feel my energy is best spent as it is so rewarding. I appreciate all your kind comments over the last few weeks as they have really made me focus on keeping myself happy before I keep my job happy.

With that being said, I have loads of crocheting to do! Christmas orders are coming in at full strength, plus The Muse can't seem to keep anything I make in stock! I am really excited about a few of the blog posts I have planned for the next few days... so please come back and visit! We like you here :)


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