September 4, 2010

Prettiest Thing

I am dying for fall to finally arrive. A little nip here and there just isn't enough. To pass the time during these oh-so-hot late summer months, I have been thinking of all the great things about fall...ya know, daydreaming when I should be doing something productive (like right now).

 The one thing I appreciate during the fall, more than any other time of year (because I sorta depend on it for survival September-June), is coffee. I never really drink flavored coffee in any other season. The aroma, the taste, the crispness of the first sip, and the warm hug it gives my body is key to happiness! So here you go, this week's prettiest thing: coffee.

Here are pretty pictures of pretty coffee!
(p.s. each source is hyperlinked to the pic)


1 comment:

  1. I only really drink coffee September-June as well. I think the issue I have with drinking coffee in the summer is that it's already WARM, why do I need a HOT drink? But like you said, I love that nice hug it gives your body. Plus the caffeine is wonderfullll.