August 28, 2010

Prettiest Thing

I was born on the eastern panhandle of West Virginia in the town where my father graduated from high school. Before I turned 5, my family moved to western Maryland for a better school system and to be closer to my mother's family. Growing up in a small town on the Antietam Battlefield, I was always driving around gorgeous wheat fields and running through corn stalks. Now, I choose a more metropolitan lifestyle, but it's hard for me to ignore my admiration for fall and simple country life this time of year.

One of my favorite things about fall: barns.

Barns have such a charming structure, and if you're lucky, they have a really cool design and color to them as well.
 Here are some of the prettiest barns I've ever seen:

Do you live close to any pretty barns?
Let me see them!
Take a picture. Post it. Paste the link in the comments!

Happy Saturday!

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