August 13, 2010

Back to work...

Hey guys! Man, I am so tired! I didn't realize how "out of shape" I am pertaining to thinking/working. I hate to complain, but I am overloaded on school-wide initiatives, copies to make, and books to collect from the supply room. Oh well--it will all come together when the kiddos show up next Wednesday. It always does :).

You'll never believe this, but this summer has been exhausting unto itself. We have had very few days below 90 degrees and it hasn't rained since a slight drizzle the night before our wedding (7/9/10). However, yesterday it poured and poured for hours! I was so thrilled! Today it has been overcast and drizzly. I love cloudy days like this. It's just a nice reason to relax and cuddle. Don't you think?

So in other news, I am so excited for the rest of this year. 2010 has been a pretty special year, but I think the next few months will be particularly magical. Whitney from The Muse emailed me a list of holiday requests for her shop, all of which make me so excited and inspired to spend some quality time with my crochet hooks.

I finished up my first scarf of the season (soon to be posted in my etsy update over at Donna's Decembers). I folllowed (and improvised) the pattern from Crochet Today. Here's a look at the final product the magazine features, but mine is a beautiful plum color.

Tonight, Cory and I are grabbing some Mexican food with a close friend of mine from work and his wife. I'm pretty excited to take them out and around Frederick.

I'll be back this weekend with loads of posts.
(Mainly about the GIVEAWAY I've been talking about for WEEKS! ugh!)
Also, thank you for all your sweet comments. It's so fun getting to know you! Keep it comin'!

Have a lovely Friday!


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