June 6, 2010

Soccer Scarf DIY Intro

Hello to you on such a gorgeous Sunday afternoon!

I hope you have enjoyed this weekend. Cory and I have spent a lot of time going on impromptu dates, which I love, of course. Like what, you ask?

We both were required to attend graduation in the morning and by afternoon, we were free. Unfortunately, I came down with a migraine during graduation and my evening was cut short. I spent most of the time with my head shoved between pillows, actually. Fortunately, after a few hours of sleep and pain, I convinced myself to take some migraine medicine. I felt a world of difference in just 45 minutes! Thank you Excedrin Migraine! After my splitting headache, I felt so much better that I convinced Cory to take me to Dairy Queen for a hot fudge sundae! Usually, I like to visit the local mom & pop icecream shops...but I really just wanted some DQ. After our icecream stop, we took a long drive through Frederick County. We don't go out beyond the city limits much, so it was amazing to see all the beautiful rolling hills and farm land. It was a beautiful summer drive and I regretted not having my camera so so much!

I spent the morning with Lindsey at our dress appointments (my dress fits just right and is ready to go for the big day! yay!) and had made plans to meet up with a few girlfriends to see Sex and the City 2. While I am a firm supporter of SATC in all forms and re-makes... I was disappointed by this most recent production. I could have done without the cultural stabs at middle eastern women, but alas, I had a few chuckles, which is ultimately what I paid for. When I got home, Cory was dressed and ready to go. I had no idea where he was going, but before long, we were walking downtown headed to an adorable Italian restuarant that we had never been to. Oh my gosh! Not only was it adorable, family owned, but the food was delicious in every way! We enjoyed a nice long dinner with a bottle of wine and took a long walk home. It was such a perfect evening!

Sunday (today!)
This morning I woke up and made Cory chocolatechip pancakes (his personal favorite) since he stayed home from his typical Sunday morning golf game to spend time with me. We enjoyed the pancakes, read the paper, finished our coffee, and then headed off to the Frederick Arts Festival. We met a few artists that I had been drooling over, saw a few friends, but with an impending storm looming--we scooted home shortly thereafter.

What did I do when I got home? Well... that's what the title of this post is all about! If you are in need of a last-minute Father's Day gift OR have a soccer fan at home who is counting down the days to the World Cup (like I do...) I would like to introduce you to...da da DA:

The Soccer Scarf!

Soccer fans don't simply wear jerseys to games and they definitely don't wear hats of any kind: they wear scarves! Traditionally, fans wave them in the stands to support their teams. See what I mean?

I'll be back this week with the complete directions, but I'll leave you with pictures and supplies that you will need to gather between now and then!

I made Cory a Team USA scarf, so for that I used the typical red, white, and blue. However--if you or your man has a different favorite team, use those colors of worsted weight yarn.
You will also need:
-a size H (5 or 5.5mm) hook
-a yarn needle

Finished product:

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